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just keep in mind the gun carry laws are vastly different in N.C. and S.C.

N.C. is an open carry state... S.C. is not.

In N.C. if you don't have a permit the handgun in the front of the car must be exposed and open to view... in S.C. it must be enclosed (not locked) in either the glove box or a center console.

In N.C. to buy a handgun if you don't have a concealed carry permit you have to get a permit from the county sheriff regardless of whether it is a FFL sale or personal.

In S.C. you as a resident you can buy a gun from any other resident when and how ever you like... through a store it is the basic pay them money wait while they run the back ground call and walk out with the gun, or if you have a CWP then they don't even make the call.

Then say you have a permit from either state there is the most screwiest list of where you can carry and can't that any steaming pile of politicians could ever come up with.

Welcome to the South.... even though I don't really consider 'Whorry' county S.C. as part of the South or South Carolina.
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