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Beretta is quickly falling out of favor in my area of the world. Reliability is the issue. More and more folks are going to Benelli.
I've had three different 391s had trouble with all 3. It was no shame for the first one. It was an early model, field grade. I shot the bejesus out of the gun. The other two, 1 391 sporting gold, 1 Teknys gold. The problems I have always had is fte. The Teknys was back to the factory 3 times. The last time, the customer service rep. asked me if I had a dremel tool, and proceeded to tell me how to grind on the inside of the barrel to fix the problem. I never saw the gun again. The did give me a very nice o/u to make me go away.
The reason I went into all of this is, I learned to stay away from new to the market guns. I now wait until they are on the market for several years before I even consider buying a $1800 shotgun.
I still kind of wish I had kept at least one of them. The solution to Beretta's trigger assy problems, is to buy a complete trigger group from Cole Gunsmithing up in New England. That is what most of the serious shooters around here do.
I've swithched to Benellis. One with 20,000 rounds, another with 6,000. No mechanical issues. It goes bang EVERY time.
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