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I took a 1 day pistol course at Blackwater Lodge. Blackwater is a new shooting school that is on the east coast in Moyock, NC. Website is .

The 1 day course is basically the 1st day of their 5 day tatical pistol level 1 course.

The day started with some classroom time explaining the 7 principles of marksmanship. Much discussion and show was put into the persentation. They taught the icosoles, which was a departure for me, having been taught Weaver many years ago by my uncle. They did give me new insights on why I have some problems shooting.
Classroom time ran about 2 hours, so at approx. 10:30 we began range work. We started shooting at 3 inch circles from 7 yards to establish point of aim, point of impact on our pistol of choice. I shot very well the first 2 circles, but then proceded to flub it up for the next 5 circles. I then calmed down and brought my shooting back. We then broke for lunch. An hour later, we started again, shooting now at 8" circles from 7 yards. We used this drill to hone our skills and acklimate ourselves to the skills taught in the morning. When then moved to double taps. The drill was low ready, fire, fire, low ready. Once that was completed, we moved to moving for the 2nd shot. The drill was low ready, fire at top left, move right, fire at top right, low ready. Once this was gotten down to a science, we then took the second shot at the middle righthand dot. Thus, the drill was low ready, fire at top left, move right and down, fire at middle right, low ready.
From this point we safed and holstered. The instructer stapled up new targets. The new targets were silouettes that were blocky. I think the target is what is called a B-27. We fired a qual course consisting of 5 shots from 25 yards, 5 from 15, 5 from 10 and 5 from 7. All shots were to hit in the COM box. Approx 4 inch wide by 12 inch tall. I put 18 in the box and the 2 others in the black. 2 guys had shots in the white, and were subject to a bit of ribbing in the form of "You 2 screaming pistoleros down here. You're the guys who manged to kill the kid down the street buying ice cream." We then repaired to the steel plate range. The range had 4 stands, each with 6, six inch circles. We shot at approx 7.5 to 8 yards. I learned something right away. Steel will humble you. There is no if about it. It will humble you, then it will laugh at you. Any error, you know. I had shot a bit low most of the day, and I would venture to say that's were my misses were going. We shot left to right, right to left, inside out and outside in.

We stopped shooting at about 4ish. I shot about 550 rounds. We went back to the classroom for course critique and to recieve our certificates. My class had 5 guys in it, including yours truly. 4 .45s and 1 9mm. 2 Glocks, 1 USP full size and 2 Springfield 1911s. My Glock 30 shot well as long as I did my part. I had a great experience, and intend on going back for the 5 day pistol, level 1 and 2 and a 3 day carbine course.

Truly an outstanding experience.


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