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Advice needed - new trap gun - A400 Unico??

´╗┐Just got a full refund from Remington after sending them back my 105CTI for the third time (what a fiasco). I'm now looking to put that money right back on the world economy.

Whatever I end up with, it will be used for primarily for trap shooting with an occasional run on the skeet range. No hunting.

I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting and really like the feel of the Urika series and that's what I am leaning towards as a replacement gun. However, I just noticed a new gun in Beretta's lineup (A400 Unico) and have some questions.

The Unico is billed as a "field gun" and I'm curious as to what features makes a gun better for trap as opposed to field work. Put another way, why would the Unico be less preferable for a trap shooter than the Urika series??

One other question, what is the difference betweent the Urika and Urika 2 series of guns and is the higher price for the 2 series worth the investment.

Thanks gang
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