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i can tell you this about the keltec need hot, short ammo like the winchester silvertips and the speer gold dot.the fiocchi stuff overlength is way too long.most ball ammo in the generic is loaded to lite to give proper slide cycle.remington green and gold box ball works fine but for what it cost (about $15.00 per 50)you could use silvertips.they cost about $16.00 per box.
the slides start acting sluggish after about 150 rounds so be sure to clean it after each range use.
the only complant i have with mine is that in my pocket holster kept popping the magazine out when i would bend over.a simple buz buz with the old dremell tool cured that .i just took off some of the magazine release.

if your not happy with it send it to me ill give $200 for it .see ya ed
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