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This was a couple of weeks ago, but just now able to post. So far I'm disappointed, but not giving up yet.

No. of shots fired: 90
No. of chances to feed: 72 (due to loading 5 per mag; 1st of five doesn't self-load)
No. of failures to feed: 15
Type of FTF: jammed low on feed ramp; no other types of FTF.
Ratio: 20.8% (way unacceptable)
Possible causes: New gun/not broken in, or because ammo was Fiocchi SJHP, with exposed lead. Why they're not a fully jacketed HP, I have no clue, but they're not.
Remdies: Planning to use ball ammo from now on and do further testing to see if break-in period helps.

Accuracy (standing; no support; semi-rapid fire):

--3 yards, 30-shot group size: 2.25" w/o the 1 lone flier, 3.0" with the flier.

--5 yards, 30-shot group size: 3.75" without the 1 lone flier, 5.0" with the flier

--25 ft, 30-shot group size: 7.25" without 1 lone flier (yet again), unknown (off paper) with the flier
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