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I don't recommend trying to create your own loads / when there isn't any published data ..... and no, I don't know of any data for S&B hulls...

If you're already loading WIN hulls / why fuss with some odd ball hull ....

There are quite a few 12ga hulls you can load / but Remington STS are by far the strongest hull out there in 12ga ...... and Remington STS, or Nitro, or the Remington Gun Club all use the same recipe ..... I would just throw out the S&B hulls / hard telling what the internal specs on them are ...they might be tapered ...etc..

S&B isn't known for high quality shells - for shotguns, handguns, etc ... S&B is largely considered "throw away" ammo .... I pick up a lot of S&B brass at my local handgun range ( its cheap, so they sell a lot of it ) ....but I toss all of that out too.
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