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Reloading Sellier & Bellot shotshells

Anybody been reloading Sellier & Bellot 2 3/4 12 gauge field load?

I tried to find reloading data to no avail. I tried the WAA12 wads that I use for my Winchesters and the wad doesn't go down to cover the powder. Looks like it not a molded one piece but has a plastic insert that keeps the wad from going all the way down. Just an observation or guess. The wad petal tips are almost even with the top of the hull so crimping is impossible.

Does anyone have any information on what wad to use? I've been using SR7625, PB, Unique, 473AA (yep a can of powder a friend gave me. Guess they don't make it any more)

Anyway any help would be appreciated.
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