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Over the last couple of months I have developed some sort of bad habit. Anytime I shoot handguns, I wind up with groups that are to the left of point of aim. I do it with all my pistols from .22 to .44mag hunting loads. Any suggestions? I'm guessing that it has something to do with my grip or trigger pull, but I don't what I should change. BTW, I'm right handed and usually shoot two hands, Weaver stance.

What about any books or other sources for learning how to improve my accuracy? Also, I recall seeing a chart that I suppose firearms instructors use; it was a round chart that showed points of impact either high, low, left, right, or combinations thereof and along with each shot placement it gives a description of the problem and possible solutions. Can I find a picture of this chart online anywhere?

I will definitely appreciate any help in this matter!


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