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Yes folks, you've heard of Weatherby Eye and Scope Eyebrow? Well, Schmit Ink introduces Tang Cheek. Tang Cheek, all that is needed is a Sharps patterened Rifle chambered in .45-110, a Long Range Tang Sight and a Semi-Buckhorn sight on barrel.

What you do folks is quite simple, fold down your Long Range Tang Sight... to the rear of course cause folding to the front obscures the Semi-Buckhorn sight. Chamber a .45-110, set the trigger, get a good cheek weld and apply pressure to the front trigger... it helps if this trigger is set at 3 - 5 ozs so as to always achieve a surprise break.

Nano-seconds after your surprise break you will have, YES... you guessed it... Tang Cheek. A nice semi-circular cut located almost centered on your cheek directly below your sighting in eye.

It is believed that Tang Cheek can be achieved with any firearm that allows the use of Long Range Tang Sights and is not necessarilly caliber dependent... though the larger calibers do perform this service better.

Call 1-800-OHH-S*IT, thats 1-800-644-7448!

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