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Actually, you might not notice a whole lot of difference, depending on the situation.
If you were just doing it to do it or had it happen accidently while shooting one of the clay games, then I'll bet that it would get your attention.
But...I had a 12 ga. double on me once. I was out hunting upland game some years ago. I had no dog with me and was walking through some pretty thick stuff, barberries and blueberry and huckleberry. It was all about knee high. I was concentrating an stepping over something underfoot when a turkey flushed right out from under my feet - yep, didn't even see it; it blended in that well. It looked about as big as a B-52. I brought the gun up and BANG. I did notice that it sounded a bit louder than normal. I missed the B-52. When I went for the second shot, there was nothing. Broke the gun open. Two fired shells. Arm was OK. Never happened again. My guess is that the trigger selector got stuck between the triggers (a single trigger gun obviously).
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