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Posted by Maestro Pistolero:
And for me, those precautions mean having a firearm with the least likelihood of cause a round to hit an unintended target. Thus I choose a proper 'carry trigger'. Not incurring criminal or civil liability begins with not injuring an innocent person in the first place.
Very true indeed, and probably worthy of a separate thread.

Question is, is it better to follow the lead of a lot of police departments and CCW instructors (such as my instructor) and carry a gun that requires a long, deliberate, and rather heavy pull of the trigger to reduce the likelihood of an inadvertent discharge under stress, or to have one that is a little more accurate?

I'll bet that the consensus of the experts is the former.

However, I have found that at the range I can usually put more rounds on target more consistently with a good 1911 (the reviewer for tested the model I have and measured the pull at 4.5 pounds) than with DA revolvers or even small striker-fired semi-automatics.

So, which should one choose?

At this point, I do intend to carry my 1911 at least some of the time when the holster arrives from Boise. I will say that the only reasons I have even considered going that route (pistol with a single action trigger) rather than sticking completely with my Centennial and M&P9c are (1) the hopefully lower potential for hitting the wrong target by missing the intended one and (2) the fact that some experienced instructors who have taken advanced FoF training, Fiddletown among them, carry 1911 pistols.

Of course, practice is the real necessity...
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