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My debit card was hit with scam charges from known fraud sites shortly thereafter. I purchased one thing online within the time period ofthe data theft...from botach.
The timing issue isn't diagnostic of anything.

bblatt11, while no credit card system is as secure as you indicate that Botach told you, just because you charged at Botach and something happened to your card does not mean it was a breach at Botach. The breach could have occurred at ANY company that has stored your credit card information electronically. It could have been stolen months ago during a transaction, but not used until now. I had a card charged with a couple thousand bucks worth of travel (tickets, reservations, etc.). The card had not been used in over 2 years. In dealing with the folks at Visa, they explained how such could occur.

So unless Botach is the only place in which your card has ever been used, then you can't say they are necessarily the problem.
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