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4. If one prepares based on the assumption that his particular situation (when/if it happens) could result in criminal charges and charges are not filed then there's essentially no negative impact incurred by taking the precautions recommended.
And for me, those precautions mean having a firearm with the least likelihood of cause a round to hit an unintended target. Thus I choose a proper 'carry trigger'. Not incurring criminal or civil liability begins with not injuring an innocent person in the first place.

That is not to say that one is unnecessarily risking harm to innocent life with a stock trigger, if that's your comfort level. I prefer a little more precision for safety.

I would like to see the court docs or at least a synopsis of The People vs Grey from post #29. There is no detail, therefore it hardly proves any point being made here. This 1994 case resulted in a 2nd degree murder conviction, but why, what were the circumstances and other evidence? There is no way to weigh the incriminating role of a trigger modification in the absence of any of that information.
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