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Your 'reformatting' of what I stated above changes neither the meaning or the truth of it.
You said: "Self-defense doesn't result in a charge, or a 'trial'." I quoted it verbatim. How does that qualify as 'reformatting'?

Self-defense does sometimes result in charges and trials. I gave one example, there are many others.
What is ridiculous, however, is insinuating that anyone who acts in self defense is likely to have to claim self-defense 'at trial'; as if criminal charges are sure to follow.
No one has insinuated anything of the sort. The point isn't that every self-defense situation will result in criminal charges nor even that criminal charges are likely.

The point is that:

1. It is impossible to know ahead of time whether or not the situation you may end up involved in will result in criminal charges. It probably won't but it could. It is not likely but it does happen.

2. You can't prepare in retrospect. Once you're charged you can't go back and unmodify your gun to make it more acceptable to the jury.

3. If your self-defense situation results in charges and you have operated under the assumption that you would never be charged the consequences could be decidedly negative.

4. If one prepares based on the assumption that his particular situation (when/if it happens) could result in criminal charges and charges are not filed then there's essentially no negative impact incurred by taking the precautions recommended.
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