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Blades: What you said. I guess that's why I liked reading PlusP's website, he pooh-poohed all that IPSC IDPS FBI and any other alphabet soup stuff you can think of. I have continually chuckled at the latest tactic of the month depicted in the gunzines. Chuck Taylor's articles (and most other G-writers) would not pass 6th grade English composition.
Then we are supposed to take their Holy positions seriously? In a recent gunzine I saw Chuck holding a big 4 cell Mag Lite directly in front of his jaw with a 45 in the other hand, both right in front of his face. An old scrapper would drive that down his throat with a blow before he knew what hit 'im. These guys are comical, except they are charging good money to train people! I consider it a ripoff, unless you consider it entertainment.

At the risk of sounding iconoclastic, I question the ol' Colonel, (Jefferson Davis Cooper) hisself! LOL

No flame intended, just my observations!

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