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After rereading my previous post I realized that I may have come across as criticizing Mr. Taylor's teaching of the Speed Rock, but that is not entirely what I meant. What I mean to convey is a sense of reality. Just because someone, be it Chuck Taylor, Marty Hayes, Clint Smith, whoever, says this technique is the answer to that problem, doesn't make it so. I have seen people spend large sums of money on training only to find out the hard way that the training was flawed. Just make it a point to test the techniques against somebody that doesn't know they aren't able to beat the draw, or that the weapon in their hand is supposed to pop right out when you use the latest disarm technique. You learn more that way. It is just amazing to watch a well rehearsed technique fall apart because some amateur didn't know it wasn't supposed to happen this way or that.

Question everything.

May your lead always hit center mass and your brass always land in your range bag.


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