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If Mr. Taylor is still teaching students the Speed Rock draw, wherein you rock back at the waist while drawing and firing as soon as the muzzle is leveled atop the holster, ask him to demo this technique up against a wall or car, with a dummy gun for safety, as a student from the class attacks with a rubber knife, or bare hands, from 7-10 meters. If he can make it work, see if you can. He might be able to make it work, but I'd bet money the "attacker" will get his hands on Mr. Taylor before his pistol has cleared the holster. I am not saying you won't learn something from Mr. Taylor, just be aware that paying big money for big names doesn't mean all the techniques work in the real world, no matter what Mr. Taylor tells you. You will be a better shooter, and a better shot, after taking one of his courses, but the same is true of Marty Hayes or Clint Smith or... well you get the picture.
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