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Okay - it wasnt a that bad a day... but The Ejector on my Bushmaster Shorty broke and I had a bunch of failures as a result. Sigh

Here is the deal... I went with Caeca Invidia Es and Tank Girl to do a little shooting.
I come out with the little AR and fire off a mag and let Caeca have a go. He fires a bunch and then stops cause of a jam. Okay... No biggie. He fires a few more and another jam. Slap Pull Observe Release Tap Squeeze. Fires a few more. Tank Girl fires it and of course it jams. Pretty soon its only firing one shot at a time. I break it down and find the Ejector Plunger aint plunging.
Once I got it home I took the bolt down and was able to fix it. Well - for a quick fix I swapped bolts with a spare I have. If your into ARs - you should have a collection of small spares... pins, springs, bolts and such... basically enough to make 3 or 4 new rifles if you have the recievers... But I digress. I function checked it with a mag ful of blanks and that did the trick.
Anyways. Caeca Invidia Es had his new gun... A slick 10-22 that shot very well. a couple failures to feed that I think will smooth out the more he shoots it.
The HK USP that he had functioned flawlessly and shot point of aim every time. Damn good thing to - because that was my USP! He let me fire it again... I shot with it just like I used to. Good gun the USP. The Springfield ran great too. Printed a 2 inch group with little effort. The USP printed about the same with about NO effort. Still have to get used to the TRP.
The AR (when it fired) printed about a 1 inch group... I dont think we printed the 10-22 but I bet it could have done a little better.
Caeca Invidia Es is rather new to pistols - and this was his second time shooting his. I can honestly say he did very well. The .40 can be brisk and needs some getting used to.
He was quite at home with the AR - which makes me think he would have done well in the Light Infantry.
He noted that the AR "Sounded Weird". And in fact it does. Unlike other rifles - the AR has a long buffer device... basicaly a long spring in the stovk that the bolt carrier and buffer ride on. Hence the "SPRONG" sound that come with each shot. That sound is not really audible to anyone other than the shooter.
Tank Girl was hesitant about the AR - and yet took to the HK USP and the 1911 pretty well.
Noticable flinch occured - which is natural... I even flinched a little on 2 shots before I realized it. Of course - I am not sure if it was a flinch or a shiver. It was quite cold.

Nice area to shoot in... Near the Pony Express trail - I had Jumped into the area many many years ago and busted an ankle. So Busting my Bushmaster was rather ironic. Ankle STILL aches once in awhile...

"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." - Sigmund Freud
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