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The rest of the story

Originally Posted by Formula233
While reading this I was not going to reply but to Chris in va 45acp is the only way to go ..I had a short 870 12g for years until a buddy of mine ex Green Beret had a break in the man almost stepped on him while he was a sleep in a downstair bedroom he grabbed his Colt 1911a1 and put 2 in him and the rounds didn't come out 45acp for me.. True story
I am a fan of the .45 ACP as well.

But, I have to point out that two shots does not make a very convincing statistical base. You havecited what is called "anecdotal evidence". The truth of it happens to be borne out by a LOT of good statistical evidence, but that brings me to my next "but".

What bullet was used, and how fast was it travelling? Military hardball is a lot more prone to overpenetrate than Glaser Safety Slugs (highly frangible bullet) or Winchester Silvertips (huge hollowpoint), the latter of which has a much better record of man-stopping than hardball..

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