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Good day to everyone, I thought I'd just share something that happened to me at the range yesterday that I found very interesting. It involved the color of my targets and their effect on the Point Of Impact of my bullets (POI) as fired from my ironsighted 6" 586 S&W revolver. (With 158gr SWC, 4.3 gr 231, WSP primers)

At work I had created some nice big targets on 11"x 17" size paper. I made two types of targets: one had a completely black background and a 3 in white square in the middle, the second was all white with a black 3 inch square in the middle.(They were opposites of each other)

I made these two combinations because I wasn't sure which way I would prefer. So anyway when it came time to shoot (@25 metres) I was surprised to find that each time I fired on the all black target with small white square I would get all rounds in the little square, and then when I shot on the all white target with black square I was shooting about 4-5" above the square!

Maybe its just me, but I found this fascinating for some reason. There must be some kind of optical effect going on here.

What is also interesting, is that when you look at the two targets side by side, even though they are exactly the same dimensions, the little black square seems bigger than the little white square.

I don't think that a scoped weapon would be subject to the same effect. However I have no scoped guns to experiment with this. So I could be wrong.

This makes me wonder about the effect of shooting different colored targets with various backgrounds. For instance shooting at a real deer vs. paper targets (with iron sights).

This also makes me wonder if the background behind the animals will make a difference too. For instance hunting an animal with a snowy background vs. hunting in the fall before snow falls (darker background).

Has anyone else experienced a similar effect?

By the way I noticed that I got a much clearer sight picture when shooting at the all black target with small white square both at the 25m and 50m ranges.

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