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Thanks for the dime trick, guys. I did it for a week, then took my 20 and 26 to the range on Saturday, and shot standing at 20 feet. Results:

First shot with the 20 took out the center of the X. Next 5 shots went through the rest of the X. Next 44 shots removed the complete X-ring, and edged into the 10.

The 26 was a bit more ragged, possibly due to fatigue, possibly due to the ghost-ring rear sight, possibly due to a 25-mph crosswind. 50 shots, X-ring gone, a few more in the 10-ring than I got with the 20. I'm still happy with it.

I then did Mozambique with the 26, 50 shots, tac-reloads (2+1, change mag, repeat until both mags are dry). Holy wowsers. Didn't know I could shoot that good.

I'm gonna use the dime trick at my next pistol class (next month). Wish I'd known about it sooner.

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