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Indulge me here...

A few weeks ago I got some after-market goodies for my Glock 19 from Glockworks, and I finally gave them a run-through.

The parts I ordered were:
<LI>Glockworks stainless steel non-captured guide rod
<LI>Wolff 20lb recoil spring
<LI>Wolff standard weight trigger spring
<LI>Glockworks 3.5lb connector
<LI>Glock OEM extended slide stop, and mag catch

I bought the gun used, and didn't realize it had an 11lb NY2 trigger spring it. Whaddaya want from me? I ain't never had no handgun before! What do I know from trigger pull??? With the replacement spring and connector the pull is about 4lbs, I think. Positively breathy...

The heavier recoil spring is a big plus, too, and I only launched it across the room once (into a sleeping dog...sorry Minnie!) I wanted to mix and match springs to loads to get comparable felt recoil between target loads and business loads.

The extended slide stop is a great modification. It's not obtrusive at all, and I can actually release the slide without shifting my grip. (yes, I use the slide stop and a slide release... sue me.)

The extended mag catch is a factory Glock part, it just sticks out a little more than the stock part. I saw plenty of mag catches that had increased surface areas protruding toward the rear of the gun, but my grip places the tip of my thumb right behind the catch, so I went with the OEM part. It sucks. The mag popped loose twice in the holster, and I put the stock part back in after 5 minutes.

So, off to the backyard I went, with some 115 gr. UMC and Winchester (the stuff in the white box), and some CorBon in 115 gr. and 125 gr. I couldn't really feel much difference in recoil between the two CorBon weights, the 125 felt a little more solid, maybe. I'm too new at this to tell. But the Winchester is definitely loaded a little hotter than the UMC. That's good for me, because it's $1 cheaper, too.

I matched the Winchester with the stock recoil spring, and the CorBon with the 20lb Wolff spring with favorable results. The CB is still noticeably kickier, but it's close enough for now. Even the UMC cycled flawlessly with the heavy spring, and so gently, that I'm thinking of going to 22lbs for T&E with the CB. Push The Envelope...

I shot mostly for accuracy (if you can call it that), and I'm gettin' there. But my laziness came through in the way of flinching, low and left. I'll have to cut my groups from 5 shots down to 3, to eliminate those pesky fliers. They count, dammit!

But accuracy isn't everything! You also have to have fun with the ol' double taps and Mozambiques. Here's where the heavier recoil spring really makes the difference. With the 20lb spring, I was pretty much on target at 5 and 7 yards. With the stock spring, the innocent by-standers were dropping like flies (the baby and the blind man were especially heart-breaking).

I alternated between my G19 hi-cap that came with the gun and one of two used G17 hi-caps that I recently bought. So far, so good.

So now I'm beginning to think this "Glock Perfection" thing may be little more than a crafty advertising gimmick... Glock Perfectability is more like it.

Oh yeah, there were no malfunctions of any kind. Of course.

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