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I was disappointed to find out about Pro Arms shutting down. I live very close to there. They shut down about the same time I started getting interested in guns.

As for Doug's, (I live even closer) I have decided that they will never get my business. I went in once, and it gave me the creeps. The irresponsible kids they have behind the counters shooting the place up with their pellet guns scared me just a tad. (I'm not talking about the range, I'm talking about the store.) Are these the kinds of people we want handling guns?

But it goes far beyond that. Last January they sold a 9mm semi-auto and a bunch of ammo to an obvious nut case. I don't know of any other gun store in the area that would have sold her anything. The next day she shot up the office building I was working in. Someone on the fourth floor was killed.

I don't believe that gun stores should be held responsible for what their customers do with their guns, but in this case, it should have been obvious that this one customer was mentally unstable. She never should have been sold a gun. I do hold Doug's responsible for putting a gun into the hands of someone who never should have had one.

I seldom get as far south as Pleasant Grove. I'll have to keep a look out next time I head out that way.

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