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glock 22 2 feet away from me if i have to react immediately with someone in sight and advancing (IF i even have a chance given that i was surprised). Rossi .38 is in a holster behind the headboard attached where i would naturally reach backwards (gun is out of sight, feel only). I should probably put a knife back there also. push dagger maybe.

If i have time to mount a defense and wait and listen while calling 911, I have the sub2000 ready to go leaning against the nightstand. Light is mounted on it. pressure switch for laser only if shooting from hip (dunno why i would, but stranger things have happened). That's #30 .40S&W 180 grain gold dots ready at the finger in a compact carbine. spare mags placed around the house. They fit both the glock 22 AND the sub2000. handy.

Phoenix is freakin' full of crime, I may sound paranoid but stuff happens here. Moving about the house, I ALWAYS have a gun on me. P3AT never leaves me until i go to bed. Also, I carry the Glock 22 more often than not. Bathroom ? Gun. Shower ? Gun. Dinner ? Gun. Always.

short answer: it depends on time and circumstance. if you're surprised and have no time, handgun is your only real chance. If you can mount a defense, i like the carbine. Shotguns are good, but home invasions are turning more and more into a team sport these days. I like having more rounds. If you live alone a mile away from anyone, you might as well use an AK47 or AR15 and just cut loose

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