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Grandpa, I could not follow your post.

Bohic, sounds like you know what your doing. I did not wish to over educate or insult. Just never thought of a 20 as a dedicated turkey gun. A true 20 should be lighter, which is a plus. I've thought about a lighter turkey gun, maybe a Nova, or some type of double, if I could find one that both bbls would be guaranteed to shoot to point of aim and give dense enough pattern to suit. A savage 311 choked full and full might be the ticket. A single bbl, well.....I'm gonna have to have a back-up shot.

My Rem 870 3" is an older gun, w/ a rem superfull tube (or whatever they call their tightest one) on a 20 bbl, slug tube w/ remchoke and rifle sights. I am ashamed to tell you how far I've killed turkeys w/ it 'cause I've misjudged the range in bad light or uneven ground etc, and walked out and KEPT walking, then got to the bird and looked back at the tree and said,....... darn!

BTW I heard birds gobbling this year before Christmas, while deer hunting.
I am going to revisit that hollow!
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