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I keep a WW1300 12 ga in each vehicle and beside the bed. I may or may not have a handgun close at hand but if things get ugly I'll use the handgun until I can get to a shotgun, no matter if I'm carrying a .45, a hideout .22 or anything in between. I've trained, practiced and competed for thousands of hours with a handgun but none hit harder, physically or psychologically, than a shotgun. Luckily I've always had full compliance after chambering a round in a shotgun or rifle in LE situations, somehow a handgun just doesn't have the same effect. There's an ugly black non-PC rifle in the safe for special cases so I guess I'm a three gun person as well. Possible scenarios vary widely, we must be flexible and plan for as many as possible.
I live in a rural area, I'll dial 911 but I can't count on them for help with the situation at hand.
I have a dog as well but he's getting old and getting to be a sound sleeper in his old age. He's pretty scrappy when he's not snoring!

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