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I was just watching an episode of "Cops" where they were called to a shooting.

From the program, a guy in his own house, was assaulted by one or two individuals. He claims to have been hit in the face three or more times and he pulled a gun and shot one of the BG 3 times.

The cops rolled up and found the gunshot victim and his friend and got an ambulance called. They interviewed the shooter and he looked like he had been worked over, The shooter claimed to have a CCW and the police recovered the weapon.

The SHOOTER was arrested and booked for attempted homicide.

Whether is is found innocent or not, the cash flow will be substantial.

I do not know if it was a good arrest or not but you can bet the shooter is going to be facing some huge expense.

I am sure the police acted IAW facts developed at the scene but is looks bad for the shooter.
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