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IMHO, being proactive is the most important thing anyone can do to protect themselves and loved ones.

At home keep doors and windows secured, at dark keep porch light on, if possible know who is at door before you open it, I also like to have the phone in my left hand when I answer the door. When I open the door I only expose as much of my left side as possible, that way I am able to block the door with my right leg and knee.

In car, keep doors locked unless you have a rear seat passenger keep rear windows up. Don’t be afraid to role up and lock any open window if you feel the need. When stopped in traffic, if possible, don’t get nose to tail with the car in front of you, leave yourself some room to move if need be. As much as I dislike them keep your cell phone handy, (note to self remember to turn the contraption on.)

Know the area you are in, it is seldom that most of us have to be in a bad or downright dangerous area. Watch out for anything that does not look right, and if something does not look right get out. As one very wise poster pointed out there is no shame in making a well thought out retreat.

Force of any kind is to be a last resort only. Even though I got one or two disagreements the last time I posted the following I’m a big believer in levels of protection such as pepper spray or if you feel comfortable using one, a striking weapon.

Be Safe All!
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