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My first suspicion is definitely the Scope and its mounts. It's just really big, and light.

The loads are the same 180 grain load that I settled on 2 years ago. I loaded these up last fall, but for heaven's sake, I've had deer loads be dead-on 10 years after they were loaded! These aren't the ones that were on the butt-cuff, either, but were stored well in an ammo-caddy plastic box in my closet.

This rifle is really my pride and joy, and I'm... well, I'm just hurt. I had great hopes of sitting on one of the razorback ridgelines that's on the ranch in S. TX and sniping a whitetail from up above the ranch. I've really developed (in the past) a confidence in that particular rifle such that I feel okay with a 400 yard shot with it. Okay, "felt" okay with it. Now...

I'm thinking that I may have to save up for a real scope. Damn.

Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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