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Interesting comments, when I say 6 inch's taller and 50lbs heavier I do not mean going looking for trouble, but having the sense of invulnerability. Normally you wouldn't go down this alley, but hey I'm armed. Don't do anything you wouldn't without the gun is my standpoint. While we cannot defend everything such as ambush's, training how to react can be lifesaving.

Sadly even in today's environment I see people living in the inner cities bad areas with unlocked and even open doors in summer. People leaving cars running at stores windows open doors unlocked. How many people don't lock their vehicles and don't look inside before entering. Perps often hide behind the seat on the floor in kidnapping, rapes and robbery. Unfortunately those who think they are living in Mr. Rogers neighborhood are the most likely to become victims.
Training ourselves is only half the battle, training those who live with us is just as important. Children and adults often leave doors unsecured, or answer the door before looking or to strangers.
The real danger to America is not abroad but within..
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