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A friend of mine and I were discussing this the other day. He stated he felt you may be better off to just walk away if there are no witnessed the shooting. I don't agree because first you NEVER know if there may have been a witness, second you now look GUILTY! I understand the thought in some places where prosecutors and police are anti gun. Another guy I talked to said Shoot, Shovel, shut-up, I think you would look more guilty!

My position is if you are justified ( and you better be sure ) you should stand up for your rights. No one wants to look over their shoulder and have their stomach in knots when the doorbell rings or they see a cruiser for the rest of their life. That's like being mentally incarcerated for life, your physically free but not emotionally. The emotional cost of killing someone is a high price, but the financial cost can also bury you. Bottom line is you fight for your freedom just as hard as you fought for your life.
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