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I said "many" not "all" cops Gary. I'm glad you are able to help those that need it. One group of cops that visit the range quite frequently is a prime example of what I'm talking about. The younger cops in the group turn their nose up to everybody. The cops that have spent 20+ years on the force are always willing to offer assistance. If I'm ever able to wear a badge, I hope that I do not adopt that "air" of cockiness that some of them wear so pleasantly. I know they have to be tough, so don't flame me. I'm not anti-cop, I'm [email protected]@hole.

The more I'm learning about firearms the more I'm becoming interested in instruction. I've always been good at helping others, I might as well get paid doing something I enjoy. I've been checking into NRA courses and certifications. I was disappointed to find there are no courses offered in Indiana. Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan seem to be the closest to me.
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