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Originally Posted by i50sx
...So the right to keep and bear arms is really only the right to keep arms?(according to the answers I have read.)

And you can bear arms only if you purchase the right to do so.(By paying your permit/instructor/backround checks you buy the right to bear arms...which you already have by residing in the US).

Yes. The laws are what they are. Pretty much each state to some extent regulates the carrying of guns in public. For a run down on each state's laws, see .

Of course, there are many efforts underway to change things and at least get rid of the most serious restrictions. But as it is, in some states you can't carry a loaded gun in your car. In some states you can't carry a loaded gun concealed on your person at all, or getting a permit is almost impossible. Some states allow open carry. Some states only allow open carry with a permit, and some don't allow open carry at all.

There have been many discussions about how and why these regulations are improper infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. But until a court tosses the laws out, or until legislatures change them, if someone violates the law, he'll go to jail.

Originally Posted by i50sx
....Still kinda wonderin...
About what?
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