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Ruger makes a solid gun. They always seem to go bang, and are as accurate as just about any stock gun. You are right though about posting in the handgun forum, or even the general forum. FWIW, I own 4 Rugers, the 22/45, a Mark II and 2 Blackhawks. I gave one of the Blackhawks(my first .357 Mag) to my son last year for his birthday. I have been satisfied with their performance. I do prefer a single action auto, ssuch as the Browning or the 1911 over a double action, but that is more personal preference. The Ruger P-series and the 22/45 share the same style grip, so the 22/45 can help your shooting with the 9mm Ruger. If this is to be a CCW, the Rugers are a bit bulky, but they are dump-truck-tough, and reliable. I would not feel undergunned at all with one.

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