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Hi Hal,
It's funny you should mention the Browning. On one of my many trips to the range a gentleman watched me shooting for a great length of time. He finally approached me and we started talking. He had a Browning 9mm and asked me if I would like to shoot it. "Of course!!" I said.

I've been shooting a lot of guns but after shooting his Browning I stopped, took out paper and pen, and wrote down exactly what type of firearm I had just used. I was so impressed with the way it felt and how my groups looked that I was convinced this was the gun I wanted to carry for defense. I can usually pick up a handgun, no matter what it is, shoot 5 rounds and then tell you if it's right for me. I either have perfect groups all on target, or my bullets scatter from here to kingdom come. An example of that would be the Snub nosed .38 that a cop handed me Monday. Ahem…they all giggled while I shot this one, knowing I would be no way near the target. I never did find my bullet holes.

I decided when I had the money, I wanted a Browning 9mm, or a Glock 19. Monday, my Dad brought his new gun to the range. He had purchased a Ruger P95. I picked up the gun and my shots were excellent. I liked the gun as well as the Browning. What enticed me even more was the price. I guess I should post this over in the handgun section, but what are your opinions on the Ruger 9mm's?

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