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Just call me a frequent flyer . A 22/45 huh? I thought you showed a lot of class by reading your posts. The 22/45 is one of, if not the most under-rated, guns on the market. I love mine. It is the single most shot gun I own. Even if center fire ammo was free, and I had to pay for .22 ammo, I would still shoot the 22/45 more than anything else. Take a close look at the Browning Hi-Power for a center fire/defence pistol. With a set of Spegle(sp) slim profile grips, the dimentions are exact to the 22/45. The standard factory grips on the HP are a bit chunkier, but with the slim profile grips, you will find that your hand fits the same way it does on the 22/45. I have one of the Browning silver nickel HP's, and the sights are aslo very,very, very close to the 22/45. Same apeture(sp) on the rear, and same hi post on the front. Hope Santa is good to you!

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