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Party pooper? Not at all. George knew exactly what I was talking about. Some folks want to claim "flyers". But, in my book there ain't no such thing. That bullet hole got where it was because of a) the shooter, b) the ammo, c) the gun. All of those pieces make up a grouping. When they are all in fine tune, the groups are small. When one or more is out of tune, the groups can get pretty large. This is what makes it a lifetime sport, trying to get it all to come together.

The only legitimate flyer is the one where someone else at the range shot at your target. Of course, luck can play a large part in all of this. But it seems the more you practice, the luckier you get.

Good golfing joke:
Golfer with ball lying at the base of a tree says to his partner, "I'm lying 3 here. Do you mind if I improve my lie?"

Partner says, "Naw, go ahead."

First golfer, "Ok, I'm lying 2 here."
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