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Me too George. It takes talent to get those rapid fire groupings. Don't get me wrong fellows. These "Rambo" guys were a lot of fun. My trainer would have freaked over their techniques, but I still had fun.

Hi Longpath,
I'm not doing bad at the range, not bad at all. I've been told I have potential especially rifle shooting. I'm using a Ruger .22/45. It's a real gem and very accurate.
As far as a rifle, I'm also using a .22 Ruger.

I've been told that once skills are learned with a .22 they can be easily transferred to larger guns. This theory has proven itself time and time again in my case. Yesterday, I shot a Glock 19. I had tried it before and did horrible. Since I've spent so much time training and learning how to sight, I wanted to shoot it again. I had excellent groups. I was shooting the Glock a little to the left but nonetheless, still in a group.
I was really on target with a Sig, Browning 9mm, and a .357. I wasn't so hot with a .44 Magnum.

The AR-15 had hardly any recoil. Nothing like I expected. I was not on target..NOT AT ALL..but I'm not sure the sights had even been set. Those guys were not doing any better with it than I was. I had trouble getting a sight picture. The sights were a little different on the AR-15. Perhaps I'll have another go at if the Rambos show up at the range again.

For now, I'll keep on plinking.
Be Safe guys and Happy shooting.


P.S. Yesterday with the .22 Ruger I was shooting 5 shot groups. I shot one, two, three, four..all in the exact same hole. I was getting excited. "Concentrate, Jess, just concentrate, you can do it." I made the fifth shot a good half inch from where it was supposed to hit. Don't that just BUST YOUR BUBBLE!!!
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