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I wanted to write about some of the things I've noticed and learned about shooters at the range. It will be boring for those experienced shooters, but hopefully it may reach some of the wives or new shooters who frequent on TFL.
In my frequent trips to an outdoor range, I've learned there are all different kinds of shooters. Some are very humorous at times! I go to the range mainly to practice target shooting with a .22 handgun or rifle. I go several days a week -- during the early afternoon and usually stay until dark. This time span gives me the opportunity to be introduced to a wide range of shooters and their firearms. In between rounds I will frequently sit back, relax, eat my lunch or a snack and watch the other shooters.

**You have the ones who show up at the range who know nothing about guns. And unfortunately, they have not brought a trainer with them. I'm usually behind a tree eating an apple while these people are shooting.

**You will also see employees of the city, such as police and government officials. These gentlemen are usually there brushing up on what they already know. Very seldom do they give anyone the time of day. Forget asking them questions. Many of them seem uninterested in helping.

**Then you have your competition shooters and hunters, which happens to be my favorite crowd. They are relaxed and really enjoy learning and honing their skills at target shooting. They walk up to the line, fire a shot, and will wait for what seems like hours before firing again. These guys are usually quiet, but only because they enter into a "bubble zone" where nothing but their gun, their sights, and the target are of any importance. Catch them between shots and they are the best teachers. The competition shooters all seem to be overly helpful and willing to share information. I like this group, because like myself, they find shooting to be a stress reliever. Like myself, they have a passion for shooting and the art that is involved.

Then you have Mr. Rambo Man…
Take the two I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. As usual, men are impressed with women who can or want to shoot. They start breaking out the "big" guns and want me to try them out. Perhaps they think I need more than my .22 target pistol or they want to see if I can handle more than a .22. I'm not sure why they do it, but they let me shoot their guns. For whatever reasons, I take advantage of the learning experience.

Yesterday, while at bat with an AR-15 (I believe that is what I was shooting), these guys are hollering…"just shoot it!! Be a cowgirl!!"
I'm slowly lining my sights like I would while shooting at any target. Carefully taking my time….
One of them bellows, "Ahhh who cares, just fire 'em off…Let her rip!!!"

What a waste of good ammo.
This is an appropriate time for the phrase, "bigger does not always mean better."

I took the rambo guys to my end of the range for some pistol target practice. Just as I figured they couldn't group with my .22.
Oh well, they were a lot of fun. Crazy.. But fun.

That is just some of what I've been learning folks. (That, and hitting the 10 pointer.) I will continue practicing groups with my 'little' .22. Maybe I'll decide soon which home defense gun I'm going to buy. Hey!! Do you think Santa will mind dropping off a Browning 9mm? Or a Glock…or a 1911…or …or

Be safe and Happy Shooting.

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