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Yesterday after dropping my daughter off for a sleepover at a friend's, my son and I realized, with my wife at a conference, that the men were alone to do what we please. i asked him (he's 7) what do you want to do? he replied "Range!" So we packed up the Remington Viper, The Ar, the 92FS and my P38 along with a bunch of ammo and off we went.

My son can't seem to grasp the concept of sighting down a rifle and no matter what I do can't seem to get him to figure it out. Could be that the viper might nbe too big for him.

So we switched to pistols. I fired the Berretta and I let him him shoot it with only one round in the mag. You should see a 7 year old with that big 92 in his hands.

They had a spinner plate at set up. I was making it spin from 30 feet. My son wanted to try, so I gave him the one round mag and he fired. I noticed he went right over the top of the spinner. I relaized he was not sighting properly, I think putting the dots into a triangle. So I talked him through it and I noticed he was aiming better, he fired and shot the plate right off the shaft! I took him over to a ring target and at 10 feet he put the next three rounds in the 8, 9 and 10 rings! Heewack, he shoots the darn thing better than me!

So methinks its time to get him a nice .22 wheel gun and let him practice practice practice. The 92 is a bit much for a 7 year old.

Another good day doing something "for the children."
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