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Picked up one of those .22 trainers Mod 1969 I think.


.22 LR 5 Shot Magazine Bolt Action rifle.
includes cleaning Rod/Kit and Sling

Mine was built in 1980 and the fit and finsh are ok for surplus, the bluing is quite dark but you can still see machine marks in places. The wood is a nice yello pine looking stuff but fits to the rifle nicely.

The gun comes with both 1/4 dovetail and iron sights, "express rifles" marked at 25/50/100 meters and a protected front post quite usable. From Bags I put a .7in group at 25 yards using cheap .22"wildcat", later I put a small scope ($12.00 varity) on it and put in a .5in group at 25y and maybe .8 at 50. I think with better ammo and scope it may well be a .5 - .65in shooter at 50y not bad for $60.00

+'s Low cost Bolt action, good sights, fairly accurate, comes with sling and cleaning kit
probably a great first gun for a yougster or that extra .22 just for fun.

-'s missfeeds the first round some time (this might be due to a very tight mag spring), has a bad tendency to not eject the round unless the bolt is worked quiclky

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