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I go with the "Doctrine of the Reasonable Man."

I don't think I could list all of the stupid and dangerous events that could happen to a homeowner--from icy sidewalks to home invasion. But I try to do the reasonable thing to protect my home and those in my care.

As I've stated, my Dad taught that a "layered defense" was best. I agree. Oh, it's expensive. One set of proper doors was seven thousand bucks. But invaders will beat themselves senseless trying to break down a seemingly decorative appearing door--while a motion sensor has already been tripped.

Most importantly, I do not let a thug "inside the perimeter," endangering my wife, even if I'm not home. More to the point, the idea of did the homeowner use justifiable and prudent force never comes up, because no one shot at a perp.

I suppose one of those stupid TV crooks could drive an SUV through my walls...
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