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Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.
If you are going to set the bar that low, I'll take a swing.

Although there are outfits that purport to provide competent legal services for a periodic flat fee, I would exercise great caution. If the outfit dries up and blows away, you are left with a worthless piece of paper. If they decide to give you the equivalent of a PD, will you be happy about it?

If you feel a need to insure for a future criminal defense, you should self-insure. That means putting aside the $25,000 to $75,000 your criminal counsel will likely want before agreeing to take your case.

The issue raised in the last few posts is interesting. There is good reason to prohibit anyine from insuring against liability for an intentional act. If I could take out a 20 million usd policy for liability flowing from people I intentionally cripple, the law would have allowed me to buy my way out of a circumstance in a way society may not want to allow. In Ohio, we are not permitted to insure against our own intentional torts. I imagine other states may have similar policies.
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