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i have been wondering about this terminology too

i understand that cold range means no loaded guns except on the
firing line

i also understand that the term has various meanings depending on
what range you are at and how they interpret it

but my question is: (accepting that there are various interpretations)
what about your carry concealed weapon?

if i am shooting at a range alone, at what ever time of the day, i always
have in the back of my head the possibility that some one might
think that a solo person at a range might be a good opportunity to
get some "free" guns, if you know what i mean...even if i lock myself in

even if it is a cold range, i usually have my concealed piece ready
to go with one in the pipe....

it might be breaking the rules, but i really wouldnt want to get caught
flat footed

i also realize that it could get me barred from the range, but i have
to weigh the risks and make my own choice....

if i am in the woods, the whole question becomes moot...
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