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Those little holes that you can bend when the metal is cold, will stretch due to the tension of the metal getting hot.
There is a huge difference between bending a piece of metal at it's thinnest point, and deforming metal by compressing it at a thicker point (which would be what happens when you "stretch" those holes). Plus, we're talking about a surplus bolt action rifle here, not a 240G. I'm sure you can chuck enough rounds through the thing to get the receiver fairly warm, but I'm not saying that it could be stout enough to repell NAZI hoards at Stalingrade with massive rapid fire. For any casual range shooting, hunting, even moderate rapid and sustained fire... it'll be just fine.

I am 100% certain that I will encounter a wandering zero during the AQT, and it will be blatantly evident on the downrange variance of rounds 1-5 versus rounds 96-100. My money is on greater than 5 minutes of angle variance.
Hmm... You can never be 100% certain about anything you've never seen before so you may want to re think that.

For the record I made an impromptu aperature sight for a yugo mauser with a stripper clip. I can bend that metal with my hands. Funny, I've put well over 100 rounds through it and it still holds the same POA. Rifle shoots 2 moa groups with romanian surpluss. I AM 100% certain that worked

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