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If you can bend it with pliers while the metal is room temperature, and then you apply tension to those pre-cut holes where the screws go...

What do you suppose is going to happen when you put 20 rounds down range and get that barrel hot enough to create heat mirage?

Those little holes that you can bend when the metal is cold, will stretch due to the tension of the metal getting hot.

For this product to work properly, it needs to be thicker and pre-fitted to wrap around the barrel. If it takes more aggressive stock relief, so be it.

If someone will donate or lend one, I'll mount a Leupold 4x33 up top and donate 120 rounds of 7.62x54R 180gr hungarian surplus to prove/disprove the theory.

I'll :
-mount according to the instructions on the video
-sight in using less than 20 rounds total to get zeroed at 100 yards
-let the barrel cool completely, then fire a 5 round group from a bench.
-shoot the gun for an afternoon. Nothing strenuous, just range work. 90 more rounds. Probably an Appleseed AQT of 40 rounds over about 8 total minutes to warm it up a bit, but the rest very casual.
-let the gun cool completely, then fire another 5 round group from a bench.

I am 100% certain that I will encounter a wandering zero during the AQT, and it will be blatantly evident on the downrange variance of rounds 1-5 versus rounds 96-100. My money is on greater than 5 minutes of angle variance.

If I'm wrong... I'll buy one.

If I'm right, then there's no grounds to buy one.

Savage1r, do you know the manufacturer? Would he be open to this challenge?
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