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I agree with Micropterus that it is a crazy game. I have been a police officer, prosecutor and now a defense attorney. It never ceases to amaze me what happens in civil court. If you ever have to use your weapon, remember, you shot to stop the threat. As a police officer, I have heard people said things like,"I knew I was going to have to kill him". Get ready for a lot time in civil court with that one. I guess if I had ever had to shoot someone, (never in 32 years as a police officer) as a civilian I would only say something like, "I am sorry this happened but I had no other choice. I believe he was going to kill me and I shot to stop him. I would rather have my attorney present before i said anything further." I believe this shows those responding to the shooting enough to understand that (1) You did not want this to happen, (2) You felt no had no other option, (3) You believed your life was in danger, (4) you shot to stop the threat not top kill a person and (5) you are not going to be interrogated without your attorney present.

But, in civil court your action made in seconds will be dissected for months and maybe even years. It is a crazy game.
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