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Kodiac: I'm looking at a RedMan Outfit as we speak, and am sooooo glad that I'm too big to fit in a $3000 suit that matches nothing! My limbs are too long to get adequate coverage. Here in Texas, those things are like wearing a 25 lb. Hefty bag. When I went through ASP training 5 years ago, even with the padded fake light whippy ASPs, we beat bruises up and down that poor instructor, even though he was wearing a RedMan! Guess we got a bit excited.

Rob: good to see that you're willing to go in even to the basic "Firearms 101" classes. A willingness to undergo repetitive training and reiterate safety shows commitment, something I'm a stickler on. Leaving our ego at the range gate and opening our minds, yet again, to another's instruction is useful, and healthy. You'll make a good instructor, sir.

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