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Monday I had gone down to American Fork in Utah, and stopped by THE SHOOTING RANGE to do some hole punching with my USP.

I will post the ranges contact information later. It is a bear to get to, but worth it once you find it... I recomend hiring a Sherpa Guide for your first time.

Got a box of Blazers in .40 - I know, bu ti didn't have much cash on hand as I forgot to hit an ATM on the way like I planned... The range is one of the best around. New, Clean, well lit, and Open... The shop has all kinds of stuff at good prices... Including a HK P7 holster in the used box.
Lots of Cold Steel knives in the case. A Norinco 1911 for under 300 and a Detonics .45 - the little compact that started the rage for under 400! VP70Z was there as well. Lots of goodies.

Any ways - my HK was giving me double feeds!
This is not tolerable! Turns out it was my magazine. One of my original Factory mags.
This is something that needs fixed. The Blazers may have been an issue - I've never shot them in my HK before. Or I need to replace the mag... It also tossed a live round out and hit me in the head during cycling on one shot...
Either its the mag - or the HK will go up for trade for a used Springfield 1911!

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